General English Q & A – Part IV

General English Q & A - Part IV
General English Q & A - Part IV
General English Q & A – Part IV

Q.1) Fill in the blank with correct Tense of the verb given

Tom ______(move) to his home town in 1994.

a) moved

b) is moving

c) was moved

d) moves

Q.2)Select the correct Homophones

You will mar your ……… if you do not work hard.

a) Carrier

b) Career

c) Carier

d) None of the above

Q.3) Select the correct question tag

They promised to repay the money within two months, ________?

a) didn’t they?

b) did they not?

c) aren’t they?

c) either of the above

Q.4) Select the Correct Prepositions

You frequently see this kind of violence ____ television.

a) with

b) in


d) Upto

Q.5) Choose the correct “synonym” for the underlined word from the options given

The vessel is built indigenously in India.

a) locally

b) indirectly

c) invisibly

d) Creatively

Q.6) Match Column A with Column B(Suffixes)

Column A Column B
I. -archy 1.Bureau
II. -cracy 2.Social
III. -ist 3.Path
IV. -ology 4. Hier

a) 2,1,4,3

b) 2,4,3,1

c) 4,2,1,3

d) 4,1,2,3

Q.7) Select the correct Gerund

 I enjoyed ____________test cricket final match against England.

a) watch

b) to watch

c) watching

d) Watched

Q.8) Blend the following words and select the correct codes given below.

Column A Column B
(a) Lecture 1. Broadcast
(b) Technology 2. Music
(c) News 3. Wizard
(d) Pop 4. Demonstration

a) 3 1 4 2

b) 2 4 3 1

c) 4 3 1 2

d) 1 4 2 3

Q.9) Identify the odd word among the options

a) delicious

b) expensive

c) industrious

d) jubilantly

Q.10) Select the correct question tag

You didn’t play tennis last week, _________?

a) did you

b) didn’t you

c) aren’t you

d) haven’t you

Q.11)Choose the correct sentence from the option

1.Supposing if we start early, we can reach on time

2.He remains brave and confidence in a difficult situation

3.He joined a European university last year

4.If I had started in time, I would caught the train

a) 1 only

b)2 only

c)3 only

d)4 only

Q.12) Identify an errors

Girls usually / are taking / more time / for dressings.

a) girls usually

b)are taking

c) more time

d) for dressings

Q.13) Select the antonyms

 You don’t have to use any auxiliary means of repulsion.

a) disgust

b) revolution

c) repercussions

d) attraction

Q.14) Select the proper articles

They waited about _________ hour at the bus stop.

a) a

b) an

c) the

d) near

Q.15) Select the correct sentence of the following sentence

Muthu is a man of great courage

a) Statement

b) Interrogative

c) Imperative

d) Exclamatory

Q.16) Find out the correct Plural form of the word

” Antenna”

a) Antenney

b) Antenne

c) Antennae

d) Antenae

Q.17) which one is related to Gerund + Noun?

a) White wash

b) Cry -baby

c) Black board

d) Swimming pool

Q.18) Fill in the blanks with suitable degree of comparison

This is the __________(delicious) dish that I have ever tasted

a) So delicious

b) More Delicious

c) Most delicious

d) Delicious

Q.19) Choose the suitable Suffix word

Joining the Navy, he hoped to one day serve on a sub______.

a) merge

b) marine

c) lime

d) stance

Q.20) Fill in the blanks with correct homophones

Due to this ______handwriting, he is not ____for the post

a) adapted/adopted

b) illegible/eligible

c) weak/week

d) credible/credulous

Q.21)Find out the odd word.

a) Bless

b) Praise

c) Raise

d) Talkative

Q.22) Find a proper statement.

a) Raja has liked to play Hockey.

b) Raja was liking to play Hockey.

c) Raja likes to play Hockey.

d) Raja is liking to play Hockey

Q.23) Identify the errors

Ram was / senior to / Sam in college.

a) Ram was

b) senior to

c) Sam in college

d) No Error

Q.24) Select the Proper article

There is ________ interesting city in the south of England. ________  city is called Brighton.

a) the / The

b) an / The

c) an / a

d) a / The

Q.25) Find the error in one of the following fragments/parts.

a) A poorly regulated pharmaceutical

b) industry mean that antibiotics (means)

c) are freely available to

d) those who can afford them

Q.26) Select the correct word

He wanted to improve his piano playing _______ he wanted to win the competition.

a) so

b) but

c) because

d) therefore

Q.27) In the world’s broad field ,of battle, In the bivouac of life. What is the meaning of the phrase “Bivouac of life”?

a) A simple temporary stay in this world

b) A permanent peaceful life in this world

c) A pitiable life in this world

d) A grand palace in this world

Q.28) Choose the future indefinite tense form of the given sentence. “The parcel has been delivered.”

a) The parcel had been delivered.

b) The parcel will be delivered.

c) The parcel was delivered.

d) The parcel would have been delivered.

Q.29) Choose the correct passive form for the following sentences in active voice.

The tiger was chasing the deer.

  1. a) The deer was chased by the tiger.
  2. b) The deer was being chased by the tiger,
  3. c) The deer had chased by the tiger
  4. d) The deer was chased the tiger

Q.30) Select the correct antonyms

 So my contention was to go by the rules of circumnavigation.

a) disagreement

b) agreement

c) dispute

d) deputation


1 A 11 C 21 D
2 B 12 B 22 C
3 A 13 D 23 D
4 C 14 B 24 B
5 A 15 A 25 B
6 D 16 C 26 C
7 C 17 D 27 A
8 C 18 C 28 B
9 D 19 B 29 B
10 A 20 B 30 B

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